Home by WDL has a beautiful assortment of furniture you will love! 

To say furniture is a crucial element to interior design is an understatement. Furniture is the backbone to interior design and allows you to make a powerful statement about your style while designing a functional space.

Every home design needs a distinguished master bedroom with 3 foundational furniture pieces: a stunning bed frame, two magnificent nightstands, and an outstanding dresser. Combining comfort, convenience, and personality our American Drew Luna Queen Panel Bed is a clean and contemporary take on the traditional queen bed frame. Constructed of white oak and olive ash, this organic modern collection emphasizes the natural character of the wood grain.

The best way to complete your bed frame is two functional yet stylish modern nightstands. Our American Drew Nightstand is the perfect complement to frame your distinguish bedroom. Placing a nightstand on each side of your bed frame creates balance, structure, and space to add personal home decor touches. Weathered taupe with a grey ash finish, the American Drew nightstand is the epitome of modern elegance.

Our last design element is an outstanding bedroom dresser. We love the Park Studio Drawer Dresser. With 9 drawers, organize all your essentials neatly while enjoying its modern style. Custom hardware, a flat back plate and handle pull in a dark brushed nickel finish, creates an updated look.


Who said you have to compromise style for function? At Home by WDL we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Furniture, art, and light dance together to bring a room to life and create a harmonious signature style. Taking a space from a blank canvas to a masterpiece is something interior designers do best, and we can’t wait to do it with you!