Decor & Accessories

When designing with home decor and interior accessories, shop HomebyWDL to find that perfect product.

There are a multitude of items to choose from; baskets, wall decorations, and candles to table linens, curtains, and serving accessories. The best part about decor and accessories is that they are inclusive to any home whether you own or rent. 

By now you’ve probably determined your style, but if not we suggest you check out your closet and evaluate the places you often find yourself. Do you love the floral and open air feeling of a local restaurant? Channel that in the canvas wall art you choose. A Sunflower Canvas Print will not only brighten your space but brighten your day. Do you gravitate toward more tailored clothing pieces? The Single Hand Card Holder metal sculpture made of cast iron gives a structured Zen vibe for the ultimate in modern style. 

Designing with decorative accents is all about mixing and matching individual piece to harmonize a space. Remember it is quality over quantity. Adding a few quality pieces is better than adding more less quality pieces making your space look cluttered. Speaking of clutter, woven baskets are an exceptional and stylish way to add organization. Use a Raffia Basket to store decorative throws, magazines, or home accessories while adding intrigue with its Incan pattern. Handwoven in Burundi, these baskets come in two sizes and are not only beautiful, but also functional.

A well designed space will have layers of accessories beginning with large accessories then moving to medium and then small. Sometimes using multiple small accessories can give the feel of one large accessory. Let’s design something most everyone has in their home, a farmhouse dining table. Beginning with the Saharan Silk Table Runner, a flawless accent for any home decor and naturally dyed with coffee by talented Ethiopian artisans. The Stone Washed Linen serves as a table placemat and fills in the negative space of the wood table top. For the final touch, place the Amalfitana Candle and Enameled Feathered Hurricane in the center of the table adding intrigue with their contrasting sizes and added feathered pattern.

Let your creativity run wild with room decor and home accessories! These items make a immense impact and are the most inexpensive way to elevate and update your space. By following a few simple guidelines you will have a designer worthy home in no time.