Complete your room decor with a rug from Home by WDL!

Imagine staring out into your newly designed open concept living room and loving what you see, but there is this nagging feeling that something is missing. Your furniture although cohesive looks lost on the hardwood floors. What could be missing? A large area rug of course! By adding an area rug, you would not only anchor the space and absorb sound but unify your design as well.

So, let’s talk area rugs, runner rugs, kids room rugs, all the things. Rugs are the unsung hero of interior design and have so much power over how a space is experienced. Let’s break it down:

Area rugs anchor and define a space. Great for any home, but especially useful in studios where the lack of walls is difficult to manage. We are in love with the Flow Ice Area Rug from our Watercolors Collection. The abstract pattern will draw your eye in while anchoring your living room contemporary home design.

Turn it into art! Do you have a large wall that you aren’t quite sure what to do with? Add a rug and watch your space come alive. The Portland is a modern area rug with interpretive patterns that are elegantly off-beat. With a variety of colors and sizes this versatile rug will add drama to your space. Or for the kiddos the Alphabet Rainbow Rug is a fun way to add color while learning your A, B, Cs.

Long runner rugs are an excellent way to create visual pathways and liven up dark and dull hallways. Do you live in an apartment with limited lighting or have that one really dark hallway in your home? Meet the Bungalow Tri Runner. The graphic geometric pattern and bohemian style color palette give this modern hallway runner rug a major dose of retro. The eclectic designs and bright colors will create an irresistibly bright path to any dull hallway.

Those just a few of the benefits of adding rugs to your home, but remember to always consider these 5 things before purchasing:

1. Choose a rug that fits the size and scale of your space.

2. Choose a rug that features 2 of your accent walls colors.

3. Choose a rug you love but is comfortable as well.

4. Consider the cleaning and maintenance.

5. Consider the style compared to the style of your space overall.