Let’s talk about light fixtures from Home by WDL.

Yes lighting is meant to help with the function of a space, but it has a powerful way of setting the mood. Imagine walking into a bathroom that has no windows and dim moody lighting. Is the ambiance artsy and modern or just depressing? Light fixtures have the power to sky rocket a space to excellence or bring it down into the doldrums.

Did you know there are 3 types of lighting used in interior design? First up is ambient lighting; think a chandelier or recessed lighting. Both give a space overall light. Our modern chandelier the Aerial Gold Chandelier is a great example of ambient lighting. The wrought iron frame is woven into a series of angular cubes, the wiry sculpture treated to a warm antique gold leaf finish. We recommend adding LED light bulbs to this fixture to not only light your space but save energy as well.

The second type of lighting is task lighting, like its name task lighting is for specific tasks like reading or cooking. Some examples are table lamps and floor lamps. Ideal for end tables or as an office desk light, the Ceramic Dimpled Table Lamp will easily and effectively light your space for any studious task. Looking for more versatile task lighting? Our Oval Birds Nest Lamp adds a touch of romantic modern style. At 45 inches tall this gold floor lamp pairs exceptionally with a modern loveseat or eclectic armchair to create a divine area for reading.

The last type of lighting is accent lighting. Adding visual interest to a room, this type of lighting showcases different focal points from art and sculptures to textured walls. Wall sconces are a quick way to add accent lighting to a space. Our Book Club Swing-Arm Sconce is defined as a reading lamp but when placed above a piece of art or a sculpture it transforms into an accent light. With a wrought iron frame and treated to a smoky Hiroshi gray finish emphasizing the lean lines of the swinging arm, this accent lamp has a stately appeal. 

Lighting is a powerful ingredient for the overall interior design of a space. It can improve productivity, lift our spirits, and inspire us. A well designed room will include all 3 types of lighting allowing you to move through a space freely and fluidly.