Burrito Baby™ Elton the Elephant

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Burrito Baby™ Elton the Elephant


Burrito Babies™ – AWARD winning Voted Product of the year! 

Elton the Elephant Burrito Baby from The Little Acorn is a soft garter stitch turquoise knit with incredibly soft chamois velour ears that babies love to touch. His trunk is curled upward like all good luck elephants! He loves to be wrapped up with his matching turquoise and white striped blankie.Soft & sweet Burrito Babies are a 2 piece set including a 14″ x 14″ 100% natural soft cotton sweater knit Lovie blanket that comes swaddled like a Burrito around a 12″ handmade soft 100% cotton knitted sleeping baby animal. Instructions for swaddling are included along with a name-tag. Each Burrito Baby animal has a name. On the back of each baby animal is a tiny Tooth-fairy pocket. 

  • Swaddled with Love, Burrito Babies™ grows with a child.

  • At first, Baby will enjoy the Lovie blanket to snuggle with.
  • As they grow, baby enjoys wrapping and un-wrapping Burrito Baby in the blankie.
  • As a child, Burrito Baby is a keepsake Tooth-fairy pillow w/ pocket.
  • The Little Acorn’s Burrito Baby will “Grow up happy” with little one!

    Dimensions and Details:

  • Baby Approximately 12″ tall
  • Lovie Blanket 14″x14″
  • Content: 100% cotton sweater knit.
  • Fill: Hypoallergenic Polyester.
  • Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.
  • Brand: TLA
  • Product Code: S15T08
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $36.00

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