American Drew Luna Queen Panel Bed Complete

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American Drew Luna Queen Panel Bed Complete

Collection Features Inspired by clean, purposeful lines the organic modern collection places the emphasis on the natural character of olive ash and quartered oak. In keeping with that theme, alternative finishing techniques such as fuming accentuate the story of the wood as opposed to covering it. The pieces are finally finished with burnished brass accents.

Country of Origin VN

Width 65"

Depth 88"

Height 54"

Weight 233 lb

Carton Width 68.6

Carton Depth 57.5

Carton Height 5.8

Carton Weight 118 lb

Specifications Carton 2 height: 5. 8 inch. Carton 2 width: 68. 3 inch. Carton 2 depth: 22. 5 inch. Carton 2 weight: 59 lbs. Carton 3 height: 6. 8 inch. Carton 3 width: 86. 3 inch. Carton 3 depth: 13. 3 inch. Carton 3 weight: 56 lbs.

Construction White Oak and Olive Ash. Size: Queen size.

  • Brand: LEN
  • Product Code: 600-313r
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $1,500.00

Tags: furniture